God needs your help to have a Think God Day.

Think God

From an urban background in the county of Kerry, in an area called Tralee, Tom Powers was born and raised in this area until the age of twelve years.

Tom Powers

From the mystic land of Ireland the extra ordinary story of Tom Powers. In 1982 Tom had a miracle happen to him and heard God’s voice and still hears God’s voice today.

Gods Emblem

The Think God emblem is a sign and a gift from God to his People. A very special moment in the history of mankind has happened.

God needs your help

God needs your help… to save His people all over the world.They have become frightened, disillusioned, and most of all feel lost
By helping people to Think God it will give us our rule of conduct back and can prevent wars and violence on our streets and stop us from destroying ourselves.
This is not a religious movement and not connected to any particular religion but applies to every single human being on the planet
And it is God’s way of helping them to have more awareness of Him.

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